zondag, oktober 10, 2004

Fly away home

When the walk is over

When babylon the great is fallen

When the crime stops

When the death is done

We fly away home

We are lively there

We all know love there

We all have faith there

We all have a home there

We all have food there

We drink from the life water there

We live forever there

We are in zion

The Great Walk

Walkin all my life

You walk with me

Only you lead the way

Once I was lost

But your light shine

Saying surrender to me

From that day

It's you I desire

Thank you JAH

For walking unto my life

With your endless wisdom

I walk behind

In your footprints

I shall walk

What tribulations we are going trough

I shall be carried by you

Till the walk is done

Posted by Ras Eastway